As we all have heard numerous times: if you want to score better, get your short game razor sharp!

I'm sharing a few tips to help you all save a few strokes around the green and make some money off your golfing buddies. 

1) Allot more time to your short game practice than long game practice - You won't always hole out from the fairway but you might from around the greens. 

golfer Kurush hitting a chip shot

2) Use a putter as much as you can - Not everything has to look fancy. Remember, your worst putt is always better than your worst chip. 

3) Have the ball rolling as soon as possible - The sooner the ball lands on the green and starts to roll like a putt, the more chances of it going near the hole. 

golfer Kurush hitting a pitch shot

4) Practice with variability - It's always better to hit chips/pitches to different holes rather than hitting multiple balls to the same. We don't get a second chance on the course, hence, we should practice the same way too. 

5) Use the bounce of your club - The sole of your club is your friend. The better you can use it, the crisper you'll hit your chips and pitch shots. It's also the key to hitting great bunker shots. 

golfer Kurush hitting a bunker shot

I hope this snippet works out as you implement it in your practice sessions. 

Wishing you plenty of chip in's, 

Kurush Heerjee

Kurush is a professional golfer from Jamshedpur playing on the Professional Golf Tour of India. He has a keen interest in fast cars, watches, movies, TV series and music. He also loves working out, which is his hobby and also a part of his routine as a pro golfer.

Disclaimer: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to Kurush Heerjee. 

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